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First for a reason

Offering the finest selection of trailer parts. Going far beyond in service. Being faster and more effective. The innovative people of Nuera have quality products. Ultra-reliable service. Concrete solutions. A complete understanding of your needs. The ability to meet all your demands. They will make your life easier. That's what happens when you put people first.

Nuera. A brilliant reputation. Unparalleled service. A vast inventory of over 10,000 towing and trailer parts, accessories and components. Products that go into the manufacturing of the toughest and hardest-working trailers in the industry. An impressive selection of aftermarket products comprised of leading brands as well as a quality line of Nuera packaged parts. Products that help ensure trailers are safe, well-maintained and meeting their owners expectations. But above all, people with the expertise, innovative solutions, quick, accurate answers to your technical questions and to meet operational demands. People who make your priorities and agendas their priority. Because they put people first.

Since 1981, Nuera (the first distributor of Dexter Axle products), has been helping customers succeed. Customers that manufacture, sell, and repair trailers. With eight distribution centers strategically located in the United States and Canada, Nuera has North America covered. Always wanting to give you the upper hand, Nuera is your one-stop shop. Your click for any on-line purchase. Everything you need is right in front of you. Because we put people first.